Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Football Season Is Almost Here

Commentary by Alicia Nieves about the approaching NFL season.

Watch the Commentary here:

Is the WNBA Ready for a Dunk Contest?

Brittney Griner in favor of Dunk Contest
Photo courtesy of Tony Gutierrez/AP

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Sports Illustrated: Brittney Griner up for a dunk contest with WNBA All-Star Game

ESPNW: Contest Not A Slam Dunk


By Julianne Dellorso

Jeff Bzdelik (c)

Wake Forest Fans are calling for the firing of head basketball coach Jeff Bzdelik, resulting from a record of 6-12 in the ACC last year (Bzdelik is 34-60 overall with the program). Bzdelik is an old friend of Wake Athletic Director Ron Wellman. Julianne Dellorso comments.

Wake Sticks With Bzdelik Ignoring Mountain of Evidence - Yahoo Sports

Wake Billboard Fire Jeff Bzdelik and Ron Wellman

Wake AD Tries To Smooth Things Over - ESPN

The Agony of the Wake Fan - ESPN

DJ Summers on UFC on FOX: MacDonald won clean

Ben Burrows on PED's in baseball: human nature

A Lifetime Ban Is Unjust For Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez sits with Yankees GM Brian Cashman during a press conference
in February 2009 admitting to his use of Performance Enhancing Drugs.



Yahoo Sports :

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

RGIII and The Most Famous Knee in All of D.C.

When RGIII finally takes the field, his knee brace will be there as well. After major knee surgery this past off-season, it has been officially confirmed that RGIII will wear a knee brace this entire year and possibly his career. Check out the video below to hear my thoughts on this new RGIII development and his future playing career. 

Why NFL teams should monitor players during the offseason

An unflattering photo of Green Bay Packers rookie running back Eddie Lacy surfaced on the web. Most have determined that the photo was simply shot from a bad angle, but it opens up discussion on how NFL organizations might want to watch their players during the offseason more closely.

NCAA Football Rule on Targeting

© Sports Illustrated
The NCAA's rules on targeting in college football are vague, at best. In the end, the ramifications boil down to scaring players out of making the victory-ensuring plays. If a player is afraid to be ejected, he might not give each play his all.

Listen to the commentary here:

Read the source article here:

Tough Breaks for Dennis Pitta and Jeremy Maclin

Jeremy Maclin
© Howard Smith-USA TODAY
Dennis Pitta

© Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY
Andrew Pogar explains why Baltimore Raven's tight end Dennis Pitta's season ending injury will have a greater impact on the reigning Super Bowl champions than the loss of wide receiver Jeremy Maclin to the Philadelphia Eagles. Click below to watch: 


Gary Player tells Rory McIlroy to "Find the Right Wife"


It's on.

Commentary on National League playoff possibilities by Thomas Scott here

Former leaders loose their positions in Russian soccer

Why Competitive CrossFit is and Should be Considered a Sport

Lots of people in the sporting world argue that CrossFit should not be considered a sport.  I'll tell you why the "Sport of Fitness" is as much a sport as any sport out there.

Denver Pioneers Make the Right Call Moving to the Big East

©2013 wikimedia
Jennifer Ready offers her thoughts on why Denver made the right decision to leave the Eastern College Athletic Conference and join the Big East. Click here to watch:

You Either Love or Hate Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods: You Love Him or Hate Him

Photo Credit: AP

Very few athletes have more fans and more haters than Tiger Woods. Since his explosion onto the PGA Tour in the late 1990s, Woods has been in the public spotlight in everything he does, golf or social life. He is as controversial as he is talented. But one thing has been clear since Woods began fist pumping: all he wants to do is win. 

Information sources: 


Transfer talk: Gareth Bale vs Dan Levy

Here is my take on football's most talked about transfer at the moment. Real Madrid are trying to sign Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspurs but chairman Dan Levy is blocking the move.

The Best Pitcher Ever: Pedro Martinez

Max Berkowitz offers his thoughts as to why former Major League Baseball player Pedro Martinez is the best pitcher of all time. Click here to watch:

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2013-2014 NFL Season Preview

2013-2014 NFL Preview

A commentary by Dave Guberman about the current storylines in the NFL, and how they might play out in the upcoming season.


Syracuse Football Projection

Commentary by Adam Matula about the 2013 Syracuse Football season, key losses, and moving from the Big East to the ACC. 

Click Here to View: 2013 Syracuse Football Projection



"C" or no, Dustin Pedroia is the Red Sox captain

©Off the Monster
The Boston Red Sox just awarded second-basement Distin Pedroia a contract extension worth $100 million dollars. Negotiations did not include discussion of awarding Pedroia a captain's "C," but it would have been a formality: Dustin Pedroia is the leader of the Red Sox.

Keeping Up with the Numbers in Soccer

Ogo Sylla offers his thoughts on how finance and economics have become integral sciences in soccer today and the newly-evolved transfer market landscape.

Is it finally the year for the Pittsburgh Pirates?

© 2012 Getty Images

Commentary from Jordan Greer on why the Pittsburgh Pirates will finish above .500 and make the playoffs for the first time since 1992.  Click here to watch.

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Hey LeBron: Not 1... not 2... but 3 will do!

© AP, 2012
Commentary by Rilwan Ameen on how LeBron James can further enhance his legacy by winning a third Olympic Gold Medal in 2016.

Video Link:


Lebron James' Team USA Career Likely Over

Lebron's Status For 2016 Olympic Games Remains Up In The Air

Dwight Howard's Big Move to the Houston Rockets

Dwight Howard in his Houston Rockets #12 jersey

Commentary by Donato DiRenzo about former NBA Laker's center Dwight Howard and his decision to play for the Houston Rockets.

Click here to watch: Dwight Howard Commentary


ESPN Article on Dwight Howard

Sports Illustrated Rockets Introduce "Rocketman"

Lakers Will Not Compete Until Next Summer


For Lakers and Kobe Bryant, next summer is the dream season

Salary-Cap Scenario Breakdowns

Resigning Cano Would Be a Mistake

He may be one of the best players in baseball, but handing a long-term contract to Robinson Cano would be a mistake for Brian Cashman and company. 

Why Peyton Manning is Better than Tom Brady

Monday, July 29, 2013

Serena: The Best, but Not the Greatest... Yet.

Commentary by Matt Dowell on why Serena Williams is the most talented female tennis player to ever live but not the greatest.

Sources that back up my argument:

1.Fox News

2. All-Time Grand Slam Leaders

Expect the Dallas Cowboys to Win

Expect The Cowboys to Win

Busting the Myth that Tony Romo is a Choker
Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Michael Irvin believes in Dez Bryant's Ability

Johnny Manziel Needs to Get His Act Together

After another weekend of partying, I offer Johnny Manziel some advice on how to improve his draft stock. 

Manziel's official Twitter feed.  Several of his recent tweets involve him arguing with followers.

Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Derrick Rose the Best Player in the NBA? I Think Not...

LeBron James #6 of the Miami Heat celebrates after the Heat won 83-80 against Derrick Rose #1 of the Chicago Bulls in Game Five of the Eastern Conference Finals during the 2011 NBA Playoffs on May 26, 2011 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Commentary from Danielle Barber about how NBA guard Derrick Rose claimed he was the best player in the NBA during a CNN interview with Pedro Pinto.


1. Yahoo Sports

2. ESPN Chicago

Former Syracuse QB into NFL Franchise HOF

Philadelphia Eagles to Retire McNabb's Number

Love That Dirty Water, Boston You're My Home

Boston is a place that is central in BostonHerald Deputy Sports Editor Mark Murphy’s heart.

It is one of the most sports-engrossed cities in the country. 

But, it is also the place where it “combined my enjoyment of writing as with my enjoyment of sports,” said Murphy.

It was hard for Murphy growing up, because he grew up in a part of Connecticut that breeds Yankee fans; he wasn’t a fan of the Yankees or the local newspapers because of their extensive coverage on the team, said Murphy.

He was part of the minority. He was a Red Sox fan.

When he moved to Boston he was able to follow the sportswriters that he idolizes to this day.

“As I got a little bit older as I moved to this area I would read guys like Gerry Callahan in the Herald and Peter Gammons,” said Murphy. “Those guys were great.”

He also realized quickly that he couldn’t be a fan of his beloved Red Sox once he started working in the industry.

“You kind of have to sort of step back and take it from a much more even keeled perspective because you can access what is going on,” said Murphy. “From a positive and sort of negative perspective.”

But, there were other things he got to do that an ordinary sports fan couldn’t.

He covered games in seats that, “now sell for a couple thousand dollars,” said Murphy. “You cannot 
watch a game from seats better than that.”

He has lived in Boston for over 20 years, and hasn’t regretted one moment of it, said Murphy. 

Listen Here:


Q: What was your first job in the sports industry?

A: I was a freelancer. What we call a stringer. For the Dedham transcript, which is a small, at the time a small daily newspaper in Dedham. I believe it is weekly. I did as a freelance basis. I did it part-time. About a month after that I moved to a paper called the Middlesex news which is in Framingham, Ma. It is now called the Metro West Daily News. But, that was a larger daily paper. I think that I did previously the same role where I answered phones, rewrite, did high school stories, and go cover high school stuff. That is how I started.

Q: Were you a sports athlete yourself? Why are you in the sports industry?

A: Well, coming out of college I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, as I think many people are. And I took it as my job to figure out what I wanted to do. I just wanted to sort of combine my enjoyment of writing as with my enjoyment of sports. It seemed like a good outlet to start in.

Q: How did you get a job as a sports editor?

A: At the Middlesex news I went from a freelancer to full-time writer. I was hired I think in 1991, and about three years later the sports editor moved over to the news side to become the managing editor of the paper. And I was named sports editor at that time at the Middlesex News. And then about five years later a job opened up at the Herald as the night sports editor which technically in charge of the paper at night. The operation at night. So I took that job about five years after that. The sports editor moved on and the deputy editor moved into his spot and I moved into the deputy sports editors spot. So, that is my current job.

Q: Are you still a big Boston sports fan?

A: I enjoy the sports yeah mean. I enjoy the teams and everything that goes on. Once you get into the business you tend to not be a fan, you know what I mean? I think you are a fan of sports and what you are doing. But, you are not a fan in the sense that you are rooting for a team as a fan might you know. You kind of have to sort of step back and take it from a much more even keeled perspective because you can access what is going on. From a positive and sort of negative perspective. Because you kind of change from your sort of tradition definition of a fan. I think most people that certainly get into this business begin as fans.

Q: What is your favorite perk with this job?

A: Being able to be credentialed for games or big events. Although when I do go to an event it’s in a working capacity. But, I can go and watch high level sports teams for free. And you get a pretty good seat. When I first started I did do a lot of Celtics games. It is funny you brought up Mark. I actually met him covering the Celtics when I worked for Middlesex News. The seats there used to be right on the court. Now they kind of put you up in the stands a little bit. But, the seats now sell for a couple thousand dollars. That is where the press table was. Those were great. You cannot watch a game from seats better than that.

Q: Now, when you were growing up who was your favorite sports writer?

A: To be honest with you when I was growing up reading the paper. I did grow up in Connecticut. So, the local paper did use a lot of wire for the sports teams. It was actually Yankee country so there was a lot of Yankee stories and it was Yankee oriented where I was more of a Red Sox fan. I really didn’t have one. As I got a little bit older as I moved to this area I would read guys like Gerry Callahan in the Herald and Peter Gammons. Those guys were great.