Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Adiós Neymar. Bienvenue en France!

Syracuse N.Y - Should Neymar, Brazilian biggest soccer player, play for Paris Saint Germain next season or should he stay in Barcelona?

In my opinion, he should go. And I’ll give 4 reasons for that.

Number 4: if he stays in Barcelona, he is still going to be Lionel Messi’s shadow. Barcelona is Messi’s team and it’s going to be until he retires.

Number 3: He won’t have adaptation problems in France. And that’s because he is going to play with more than five Brazilians. A thing that is going to be good for the national team as well.

Number 2: He is going to be the leader, the MVP of one of the biggest European teams. And then he becomes a serious candidate for FIFA Ballon dO’r, the award given to the best soccer player in the world.

Number 1: He’s going to be very, very rich. PSG has to pay approximately 262 million dollars to have him

So, bottom line:

Adiós Neymar! Bienvenue en France!

Bye Neymar! Welcome to France!

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