Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cheerleading is a Sport

Story By Epiphany Catling
Photos By Cheer Paparazzi and Nichole Catling

Syracuse, N.Y. - I was a competitive cheerleader since I was four years old, and one thing that I constantly heard was that cheerleading is not a sport and to those people, I think you're completely wrong.  

It is a sport, it's very demanding on your body; you have to tumble, you have to stunt, you have to throw people in the air, you have to jump. You have to do all these things in sync with all your other teammates and theres usually 30 people on the floor.

According to the Live Science statistics, cheerleading is the number one cause for injuries in female sports and the number two cause in all sports.  I think that if you're that dedicated and you're putting in that much work, and risking so much, you should be considered an athlete.

The I.O.C. the International Olympic Committee has announced that cheerleading will be a provisional sport and if all goes well and it may be an actual sport in the 2024 Olympics.

I think that it should be because its time that cheerleaders are finally get the respect that they deserve for all the work that they put in.

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