Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dan Gilbert is costing the Cleveland Cavaliers

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SYRACUSE, N.Y.--Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has made an absolute mess out the team this summer.

Not re-signing general manager David Griffin let trade talks for Paul George and Jimmy Butler fall through. The Cavs had chances to keep up with the Golden State Warriors, but not having Griffin finalizing those deals cost them.

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If the Cavs don’t win the title, trust in Gilbert’s decisions will likely fade. The Cavs could very well lose Lebron James next summer in free agency because the front office failed to make the team better.

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This could be escalated if the immediate future is already in danger.

Kyrie Irving has gone from on board to abandon ship. Multiple reports said Griffin was not in favor of trading Kyrie and Griffin was keeping him in the loop of what was happening.

Gilbert was not against trading Kyrie and reportedly did not keep him in the loop after Griffin was gone.

Audio of Dan Gilbert is costing the Cavs

Kyrie may have had his doubts even before, but this was like adding gasoline to small flames that could have been put out. Now the front office is having trouble trading Kyrie. 

Because of Gilbert’s costly decisions the team is trying to recover, when they should have been more delicate with the situation.

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