Thursday, August 3, 2017

Demise of Premier League in European club competitions

Here is the transcript to my video

From English Premier Leagues point of view, the year 2013 was considered a mere aberration.

For the first time in 9 years no English club would be involved in the quarterfinals of the champions league.

So what's the big deal? Sample this-in the last 8 finals There was at least one English club grinding it out.

But why suddenly would I speak about it? Because in 2017 the reality is that Barca and Real and the rest of the European powerhouses have not only caught up but have sped past their English counterparts.

But why have the performances of the English clubs become so abject in the biggest club championship?

I would say may be because of the brain drain. Back in 2009 Ronaldo had crossed the English channel and had traded hail and thunder for sunny mornings in Madrid. Bale and Suarez, the next big superstars of Premier league have only continued this trend.

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