Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Derek Carr Deserves Every Penny

Derek Carr Deserves Every Penny
Video and transcription by Teraiz Pitta
Photo from Twitter

SYRACUSE N.Y.- Derek Carr is now the highest paid player in the NFL. There is a lot of controversy behind this decision because he is getting paid more than players like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. However, with his work ethic and continued improvement, he deserves every penny.

Below is a transcription of my video
Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders deserves to be the highest paid player in the NFL. Yes, he went out with a broken fibula last season and yes, he has never won a championship before. However he has surpassed Johnny Manziel who was drafted a round higher than him in the 2014 class. He has developed well in the pocket and has learned how to handle the pressure in the past three years. He has also managed to work well with the offensive line and develop as a whole team with the coaching staff at Oakland, the new coaching staff. And, he only threw six interceptions last year which is only four more than Tom Brady himself. But not only that, he also has a heart of gold. He cares about people in his community and he cares about people in other countries like Haiti. So for those reasons, I believe hat he deserves every penny of his new contract.

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