Friday, August 4, 2017

DJ Double Play: The Music Behind The Game

Story and photo by Jose Cuevas

Syracuse, N.Y. - As I was covering last Thursday's Syracuse Chiefs' game against the Louisville Bats at NBT Bank Stadium I heard a very familiar sound as the Chiefs' pitcher Amir Garrett struck out another Bats' player. It was Ric Flair's iconic WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

So I ventured into the press booth and asked around to see who was playing the music that goes with the game.

Just as I stepped into the PA announcer booth a Bats' player made an error in the seventh inning and Jeremy Hernandez, also known as DJ Double Play, played a sound bite of Family Guy's Chris Griffin saying "Oopsie Poopsie".

Hernandez chuckled and then gave me a brief interview as he continued to work the mixing board.

Experience and Connections

Hernandez has a long history with the Syracuse Chiefs.
"It's connections, I started off here as a bat-boy and stuck around," he said.                                                                
Now he works punctuating every inning, every strikeout, every error, or the incredible walk-off home-run by Alejandro De Aza Thursday night.

When picking music for players as they approach the plate, Hernandez says he likes to play off their names, jersey numbers, or even interesting things they may have done off the field.

"Nick Swisher was here last year," he said. "I hit him with a children's song he released. It's all in good fun."

Chiefs' players also come up to the booth to deliver their song choices, or they sometimes contact him on his twitter with songs.

Hernandez is also a professional wrestling fan and will sometimes play anything from Hulk Hogan's theme to Stone Cold Steve Austin's theme.


Hernandez has sound bites and songs for every occasion, he has bites for errors, home runs, strike outs, and - as his name indicates-double plays.

The Chiefs host a variety of theme nights, which he meticulously plans for.

"We did a country night recently and every thing that I played had a country theme to it, if we're expecting a certain crowd one night, like students we try and adapt to that, but a lot of it is just fun."

Hernandez said his most memorable moment in the booth is when a player named Brad Stacy came to town.

"I played Stacy's mom and he went yard, rounded the bases went up here and came to talk to me, kind of a low highlight, but I'll take it."

Hernandez says he has a lot of fun working for the Chiefs, but he has one more goal in mind.

"I'm still waiting for my call up to the Nationals, but it's coming."

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