Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Don't Sleep on the Pac 12

Story by Peyton Zeigler

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - East coast bias is very real. Here are my thoughts on why the west coast deserves some love. You can find the transcript below along with two links to support my case.

Some of you on the East Coast may be asleep when the best moments in sports happen. College football may love the SEC and college basketball may love the ACC, but don't forget about the Pac-12 Conference and the rest of the west coast conferences.

The Pac-12 has more than 500 national championships. That's 193 more than the Big-10, which comes in second.

CBS Sports said that during the 2016 Rio Olympics 273 athletes represented the Pac-12. The top four schools were Cal, USC, Stanford, and UCLA. If you combine those four schools they totaled more athletes from every individual conference except for the SEC.

So remember when you go to sleep every night, the real magic in sports happen "After Dark."

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