Thursday, August 3, 2017

Iowa Football Game Day

Story and Multimedia by Mary Peters

I have transcribed my video below.

In Iowa, people live for Iowa football home games.  People travel all over the state just to be in Iowa City on this one day.  For these people, it's about the game, but it's also more than that.  It's about the experience as well.

So they travel hours just to be in Iowa City on this one day.  And all of the streets around Kinnick Stadium are closed off, are blocked off, so there's people everywhere.  There's vendors out.  There's people out tailgating.  There's restaurants open.  Everyone is walking around with Iowa gear.   And as you walk around, everyone is handing you food.  Everyone wants to talk to you.  But one of the things that they really want to know is why you're there.

There are so many family traditions that are based off of tailgating every single home game in Iowa City and so these people want to know about all of your traditions because they probably have a very special tradition to share with you as well.  So, for Iowans, Iowa football is more about just the game...obviously they want to win...but it's also about the experience and engaging with all of the other Iowa fans there.

If you would like to listen to the audio of my video, you can listen here

The University of Iowa ranked number 26 in the 50 best game day experiences in college football in 2012.

Kinnick Stadium also ranked 30 in college football stadium experience rankings in 2013.

The University of Iowa was ranked 24 in 2016 for the top 25 college football tailgating schools.

And the experience is only going to get about the new field design and how to get your tickets for the upcoming season.

One of many Iowa football games with my grandma.

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