Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Kyrie vs. LeBron: What's Next for the Cavs?

Kyrie vs. LeBron: What's Next for the Cavs?
Video and transcription by Alana Seldon
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - A trade request to Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert from star point guard, Kyrie Irving has the franchise in a frenzy. After three consecutive NBA Finals appearances, why does Irving want out of Cleveland? Why doesn't he want to play along side LeBron James anymore?

Fans are wondering if there is a feud brewing between the two teammates to ignite this recent news. Is there a strain on their relationship since Irving's visit to Cleveland's front office?

James says rumors of his disappointment in Irving's "behind the back" request are all false, so maybe the point guard is simply seeking to step out of King James' shadow, or maybe he's making the business move to get out of Cleveland while he can - knowing James might be next.

Read more on Irving's initial trade request, here.
James denies rumors that he wants Irving traded, here.

See transcript of my video, below.


The NBA off season, in addition to summer league is one of drafts, contract buy-outs, trades and all that good jazz. But, this year is in shambles - particularly for the Cleveland Cavaliers after recent trade rumors that Kyrie wants to take his talents elsewhere. Us Cleveland fans are left wondering what is our dream squad going to look like after the 2018 season? I mean, you have LeBron James - his contract is up after 2018, so there's no telling where he'll go in the league in search for a new ring. And maybe Kyrie is just making a good business move, maybe he's just being a baby, maybe he doesn't want to play little brother or son to LeBron anymore... who knows? LeBron has tweeted that all rumors and allegations that feuds or animosity between him and his teammate are false, but why is this happening? Why does Kyrie want to leave Cleveland? I mean, since LeBron came back home, they've had three consecutive trips to the Finals and did Kyrie do that on his own? I don't know, so I'm kind of leaning more towards I'm blaming Kyrie. So, I don't know... I guess we gotta wait and figure it out, but I hope Kyrie's not just going for the money or just to be a contender.

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