Thursday, August 3, 2017

Student-Athletes Should Not Be Paid

Story and multimedia by Jonathan Singh 

SYRACUSE N.Y. -- My opinion is stated on why I believe student-athletes should not be paid. The NCAA offers scholarships to athletes, the video above explains more on the matter. You can listen to the audio HERE and follow along with the transcription below the two links.

Click the two links below for supporting articles.

An ESPN article supporting my case on why student-athletes should not be paid.

An article by U.S. News that goes along with my opinion.

Jonathan Singh speaks about student-athletes
Some people think that college athletes should be paid. Why? Playing a sport at the collegiate level is not a right it is a privilege. It is a privilege to be an athlete in the NCAA.

If you want money as an athlete you can easier gain it through scholarships. Meal plans, books, the courses they pay for. Its all there for you, they might not give you a free ride but they will give you some money if you are in division one or division two, division three does not get scholarships. 

If you’re a student-athlete your getting free gear, shirts, shoes, socks, jackets, you will never be to cold and you will never be to hot. 

Collegiate athletes need to realize that what they are doing is for the love of the game. If they want to get paid they should simply work their tails off work even harder to make it to the big leagues even to the Olympics. That is why student athletes should not be paid.

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