Thursday, August 3, 2017

Super Bold Predictions for the New York Giants

Story and Video by Jude Allume
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Syracuse N.Y.-- The New York Giants are one of thirty-two teams hoping to lift the Lombardi trophy at the end of the upcoming football season. I give a brief analysis as to why I believe their chances are much better than any other team. You can watch the video above or click here to hear the audio version. The content is also transcribed below.

The New York Giants are poised to win their fifth Super Bowl this year.

I say this because last, their defense exceeded expectations and should only get better this year. They were second in points allowed, tenth in total yards allowed, third against the rush and fourth in interceptions.

Now playing together for a second consecutive season, with only Jonathan Hankins being lost in this off season and signing with the (Indianapolis) Colts, they should be a stronger unit.

Now the weak point of the team was the offense and they addressed that in the off season. So they added big bodied receiver Brandon Marshall and they also drafted another big bodied receiver, well more of a tight end, out of Ole Miss, Evan Engram. So those two have the ability to go up and get the ball which adds a dimension to the offense that they didn't have last season.

In addition, they're also going to try and get the ball more to Paul Perkins. He came on strong at the end of last season. Last year he was a rookie and this year, they're looking to make him the lead back and give him a lot more carries and opportunities. So pair these two facts together and I believe the Giants have a great chance this season to win a Super Bowl.

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