Thursday, August 3, 2017

Track Should Be More Respected

By Katie Benoit

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - Here is a video why I feel track and field deserves more respect and media coverage.

Below you can find a transcription of the video:

Katie Benoit: There’s no secret that some sports are not really followed by as many people and they don’t really get as much media coverage, and track in field is one of them. I ran cross country and track in college and for me it was a really special sport and for a lot of people they don’t respect the sport. I’ve had a lot of people come up to me and tell me track and field is not a sport because you don’t play the sport with a ball. And I think that’s completely untrue. There is running there is running there is jumping there is throwing. In cross country your in the back of a trail and you have to be really athletic and make sure you don’t trip over sometimes roots on the ground. Yeah, so people don’t follow track and field as much as they could. In other countries it really big. I visited Jamaica and its crazy everyone is  into track. In other parts of the world people really appreciate track as well. And although it’s a great sport its not always fun and people should have more respect for it because when you out there training its kind of awful. You’re out there on the hot track doing a workout and its awful its not fun, but in reality it’s a great sport and brings people together, so people should pay attention to it and give more respect, that it deserves.  

Here are two links where you can learn more about Cross Country/Track and Field:

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